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Wall Street Journal decides if someone pulls story out of ass, it must be true (No the Nuclear Football was never in Beijing, nor was it in the presence of Chinese Officials – GMAFB)

China “Spy” brought to U.S. for “stealing trade secrets” but “no sensitive information”

While U.S. embraces Russian puppet as President, China builds up its relationship with Africa and firmly opposes external interference

Mike Pence reaches genius conclusion that China would rather not have US President levy $200 billion in tariffs

As President accuses China, US Intelligence calls for focus on Russia

Preemptive strike talk sends mixed messages while President continues to be investigated for Russian collusion

China and U.S. warships nearly clash in South China Sea

China withdraws from the diplomatic and security dialogues over Taiwan, arms sales, and the South China Sea

Trump accuses China of meddling in 2018 elections at UN

Tariffs on everything coming in from China?

Russia still hoping to drive rift between US and China