1898605_344731755721379_1097717872654782644_oIn 1974 two farmers digging a well outside of Xi’an, China, discovered a clay statue and a pot, that historians later learned belonged to China’s first Emperor. The site they discovered was the second pit of his mausoleum, and is one of the most interesting finds of the 20th century.

The excavation of China’s first emperor’s tomb has been ongoing for 40 years as the world’s fascination with the Terracotta Warrior Museum has grown. Sh*tty Beijing Bike tells the story of a group of researchers vying for the inside scoop on the tomb’s excavation as each source they investigate indicates there’s much more going on at the Museum than the excavation of historical relics.

The Raw First Edition is the first draft of the manuscript as written by the author in 2013 and 2014. It is being made available for a limited release to allow readers of the book early access to the story, and contains a special page of acknowledgments recognizing the many wonderful people who read and supported the project throughout its inception.