The Author

Will Ruff, author of Sh*tty Beijing BikeWill Ruff arrived in Austin, TX, in 2010 after spending his final semester of college in Beijing.

Graduating with a Bachelor of the Arts in History, with a focus mostly on Non-Western and Mandarin, Will came up with the idea for Sh*tty Beijing Bike while studying traditional Chinese history and reading about the tomb. He started writing it then, but couldn’t figure out how to get past the opening.

After working for a young Literary PR company, and experiencing Austin as an outsider, he realized this was the only city on Earth where a story like this could start.

Will also occasionally auditons for local films, commercials, television shows, and spends his days mingling with people in the WordPress community.

You can find him anywhere from a table read, to a startup company, a coffee shop, kickboxing class, or in any of the other fun places you might hang out in downtown.